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Wholesalers of Food suppliers and distributors in Canada supplying products and wholesale merchandise to retailers, etailers, and auction sellers. Some Canadian wholesalers may also sell wholesale or bulk food to the public (b2c).

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Anitas Organic Pure and Simple

Canadian supplier of wholesale grains and legumes such as organic Rolled Flakes & Bran, wheat bran, wheat germ, rolled oats, wholesale flours, such as brown rice, millet, spelt, wholewheat and more. They also have wholesale legumes and peas, red lentils, split green peas, wholesale organic hot cereal and mixes, wholesale dried fruit, seeds, and nuts,such as almonds, aipricots, raisins, sesame seeds and much more. Listed in Wholesale Grains and Legumes, Wholesale Flour and Milled Products, Wholesale Breakfast Cereal, Wholesale Dried Fruit and Vegetables, Wholesale Nuts, and Canadian Food Distributors.

Au Printemps Gourmet

Canadian supplier of wholesale gourmet food such as mustards and sauces, wholesale vinegars, extra virgin olive oil, wholesale oil infused with garlic, chilli, basil and other flavours, dips and tapenades, wholesale spices and herbs, fruits in liquor and much more. They also have a variety of wholesale organic gourmet groceries. Listed in Wholesale Fats and Oils, Wholesale Olive Oil, Wholesale Exotic and Infused Oil, Wholesale Condiments and Seasoning, Wholesale Herbs and Spices, Wholesale Seasonings, Wholesale Vinegars, Wholesale Produce, Wholesale Fruit, and Canadian Food Distributors.

Emperor Speciality Foods Ltd.
Emperor Speciality Foods Ltd supply fresh and dried mushrooms, speciality vegetables, and fruits to businesses. There wholesale mushrooms include enoki, oyster, portabella, shitake, wild mushrooms, lobster mushrooms and more. There other products include asian pears, fuji apples, asian snow peas, zuchini and more. Located in British Columbia, Canada. Listed in Wholesale Foods, Wholesale Produce, Wholesale Mushrooms and Wildfoods, Wholesale Fruit, Wholesale Vegetables, and Canadian Wholesalers.

Highwood Distillers
This distillery create a large range of alcohol products including whisky, gin, rum, alcoholic creams, liqueurs and more. Located in Alberta, Canada. Listed in Wholesale Foods, Wholesale Drinks, Wholesale Liquor, and Canadian Wholesalers.

Hills Foods Ltd.
Canadian supplier of wholesale exotic meat and grocerys. They have a very large range of wholesale meat available such as, wholesale ostrich, alligator meat, bison, wholesale chicken, camel meat, elk meat, wholesale kangaroo, python meat, wholesale duck meat and many more. Also available is a list of wholesale grocery items. Listed in Wholesale Emu and Ostrich, Wholesale Meat and Seafood, Wholesale Poultry, Wholesale Exotic Meat, Wholesale Buffalo Meat, and Canadian Food Wholesalers.

Sonora Foods Ltd.
Sanora Foods is a Canadian distributor of wholesale tortillas and southwest foods products.They are supplying businesses and resturaunts with wholesale corn tortillas, flour tortillas, flavoured wraps, corn chips, wholesale spices and seasonings, chunky salsas and cheese sauce.They also supply caned and dried vegetables such as beans, corn, jalapenos, dried chiles and more. Listed in Wholesale Grains and Legumes, Wholesale Tortillas, Wholesale Condiments and Seasoning, Wholesale Sauce, Wholesale Seasonings, Wholesale Dried Fruit and Vegetables, Wholesale Vegetables, Wholesale Crisps and Corn Chips, and Canadian Food Distributors.

Soya World Inc.
This company distrbute wholesale soy and milk alternatives. Some of the brands they distribute are So Good, So Nice, and Sunrise. Located in British Columbia, Canada. Listed in Wholesale Foods, Wholesale Dairy, Wholesale Dairy Substitutes, Wholesale Drinks, and Canadian Wholesalers.

Wapiti Ways
Wapiti Ways is a distributor located in Canada supplying wholesale elk meat, ground elk meat, wholesale elk steaks, elk jerky, they also supply a large range of elk meat products such as elk sausage rolls, elk pies, elk lasagne and more. You can also purchase elk antler and elk hide products. Listed in Wholesale Meat and Seafood, Wholesale Exotic Meat, Wholesale Elk and Venison Meat, and Canadian Food Wholesalers.

Western Rice Mills
Western Rice Mills is a Canadian company supplying wholesale rice and other wholesale grocery items. They have a large range of wholesale rice available such as long grain rice, basmati rice, brown rice, jasmine rice, organic rice,and many more. They have a large list of wholesale grocery items such as, pastas, flour, wholesale vegetable oils, wholesale cereals, confectionary and much more. Listed in Wholesale Breakfast cereals, Wholesale Grains and Legums, Wholesale Rice, Wholesale Flour, Wholesale Pasta, and Canadian Food Wholesalers.

Canadian wholesalers and distributors of food and drink can have their wholesale or dropship company listed on the Wholesale Discounters directory by visiting the Submit Wholesale Company page. See also Whoelsale Food and Drink Worldwide or A to Z Food Wholesalers.

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