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Wholesalers of Jewellery supplying products and merchandise to retailers, etailers, and auction sellers. Includes Jewellery products like rings, bangles, earings, watches, bracelets, toe rings and more. Some wholesalers may also sell wholesale or bulk Jewellery to the public.

Wholesale Jewellery Subcategories: Beads, Diamonds, Fashion, Gemstones, Gold, Pearls, Silver, and Watches.

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Any Time Watch and Clock Wholesale
This company is supplying wholesale watches and wholesale watch accessories to the world. Some of there products include wholesale watches, wholesale watch batteries, fashion watches, watch bands, clocks, and more. Located in Pennsylvania, America. Listed in, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Watches, and American Wholesalers.

Atlas south sea pearl Limited
Atlas south sea pearl Limited are producing pearl jewellery. They produce white, gold, and silver south sea pearls. They are locate in Western Australia, Australia. Listed in, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Pearl Jewellery, and Australian Wholesalers.

Bali 01
This manufacturer of silver bali beads export to the world. They have a large range of wholesale beads. Bali silver beads is located in Bali, Indonesia. Listed in Wholesale Jewellery Accessories, Wholesale Beaded Jewellery, and Indonesian Wholesalers.

Cartier are a business supplying designer gold and silver jewellery including rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, cufflinks, watches and more. They also have a huge range of accessories like lighters, clocks, scarves, fragances, sunglasses and much more. Cartier also carry a range of leather accessories such as bags, wallets, purses and more. Listed in Wholesale Clothes Accessories, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Bridal Jewellery, and Worldwide Wholesalers.

Church and Company
This manufacturer of wholesale gemstone jewellery, they have gold and silver gemstone jewellery including bracelets, necklaces, earings, signet rings, cufflinks and more. Located in New Jersey, USA. Listed in Wholesale Clothes Accessories, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Gemstone Jewellery, and American Wholesalers.

Gold and silver jewellery manufacturer exporting wholesale jewellery to the world. Some of the jewellery they manufacture includes gold and silver chains in styles like snake chains, belcher chains, box chains, rope chains, figaro chains, and more. They are located in Arezzo, Italy. Listed in, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Gold Jewellery, Wholesle Silver Jewellery, and Italian Wholesalers.

Disha International
Manufacturer of wholesale fashion jewellery to export to businesses around the world. Some of there wholesale fashion jewellery includes glass and plastic beads, necklaces, brooches, rings, chains and more. They are located in Mumbai, India. Listed in, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Fashion Jewellery, Wholesle Beaded Jewellery, and Indian Wholesalers.

Golden Apple International Ltd
Golden Apple International Ltd is a Manufacturer of silver jewellery. They are supplying businesses with quality wholesale silver jewellery including rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and more. Located in Kowlooon, Hong Kong. Listed in Wholesale Clothes Accessories, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Silver Jewellery, and Hong Kong Wholesalers.

Polar Bear Diamond
Polar Bear Diamonds are a manufacturer of diamonds , all of there diamonds are mined, cut, and polished in Canada. They are located in Quebec Canada. Listed in Wholesale Clothes Accessories, Wholesale Jewellery, Wholesale Diamond Jewellery, Wholesle Bridal Jewellery, and Canadian Wholesalers.

Wholesalers of Jewellery can have their wholesale or dropship company listed on the Wholesale Discounters directory by visiting the Submit Wholesale Company page. See also Dropship Jewelry.

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