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Wholesalers companies can offer cheap products to retailers, to the public in the form of wholesale discount factories/stores, or to both retailers and the public. Most wholesalers only detail with other businesses and bulk orders are required so that the wholesale company can afford to offer cheap prices.

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Wholesalers can be the manufacturer of the products they offer or they can be be distributors of the merchandise. The benefits of dealing with a distributor of related products is that you don't have to deal with as many companies to source your products. The benefits of dealing with the manufacturer that also wholesales his products is that you are dealing with the source.
Depending on the products, you may be able to have changes made to some products if you are dealing directly with the wholesale manufacturer.

Wholesalers that deal directly with the public are generally in no frills buildings, sometimes industrial sheds, and often have products in bulk. There are usually fewer products available, with some wholesale retailers requiring customers to spend a minimum amount or buy in large quantities.

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